Do You Have Insomnia?

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If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep a night, you are not getting enough.  Many people think 6 hours is OK.  You will not be healthy and will age a lot faster if you do not sleep well.  Since insomnia can be easily treated with natural remedies, I have written a book called […] more

Cordyceps — Better Than Ginseng?


I’m an herbalist.  I have a degree in Oriental Medicine and prescribe herbs every day to my patients.  My favorite energy tonic is cordyceps.  It is also called cordyceps sinensis. Cordyceps is a far better choice to strongly boost energy than ginseng taken alone.  I have personally taken cordyceps long term to strengthen energy and […] more

American Ginseng IS Ginseng For Women


If you are a woman over 40, American ginseng can help you replenish what you lose as you age. If you take Korean ginseng, you can quickly get out of hormonal balance.  American ginseng can be taken to re-balance your “hormones”.  It is not seen as “hormones” in Chinese medicine.  It is viewed as Kidney […] more

Why I Don’t Recommend Korean Ginseng For Women


Korean ginseng is not for women.  It can easily have hormonal effects.  Panax ginseng is strong enough, even in low doses it can affect your hormonally. I suggest seeing an acupuncturist if you can.  Taking Panax ginseng for a short period of time is less likely to affect hormones.  It takes very little time for […] more

How Ginseng Works

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Ginseng: Improves digestion Boosts energy Increases energy level of Lungs, Spleen and Heart   In Chinese medicine Ginseng is used to strengthen the organ systems that are responsible for producing energy in the body.  The heart, lungs and spleen must be healthy for the body to have enough energy. The spleen in Chinese medicine correlates […] more

Hormones And Ginseng

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Women need to be very careful about what herbs they take. There are herbs such as horny goat weed that can actually cause you to grow more facial hair! Herbs are either yin or yang. Think of yin as the female and yang as the male. Horny goat weed is a yang tonic. That is […] more

Female Issues and Ginseng


As you age, you lose “yin“. Everyone loses yin, but it often affects women worse because it affects our hormone levels. All kinds of things go wrong. As a woman over 45, I can attest to this. Things get dryer as you age.  That is a loss of “yin”, that is a Chinese Medicine concept.   […] more